Our current featured artist is Stephanie Zoe Roberts. With work that is multi-faceted and in a variety of mediums - from oil on canvas to experimental plasterworks, Stephanie’s work always engages, thrills and inspires.

A fascination with the visual illusion of creating a 3D space on a 2D surface has led Stephanie to experiment with the use of layering planes of space, reflections and exaggerated light and shadow on fabric or paper. There is also a dual side to the personality of her art – portrait style photo realism, most notably illustrated in her highly prized commissions of classic cars.  The illusion of light reflections on metal and glass along with perfectly capturing the stunning lines of the subject matter have won her many accolades.

Some of the work illustrated here is for sale or commissions can be negotiated. Stephanie also conducts art classes from her studio in Bassendean.

Artists In Residence Australia are featuring a selection of Stephanie’s work on greeting cards sized 14.5cm x 10.5cm. Click here or on the cart below to see what's available.